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Welcome and thank you for visiting WeFind Personnel Services! We assume you are looking for professional and quality staff in your field, so you have come to the right place. WeFind Personnel Services is a modern company offering staffing and outsourcing services, established in 2019 and we are currently enjoying a period of strong growth. In practice, this means making bold investments and innovating with a big heart. Our staff are in their prime, have been in the industry long enough and are highly motivated to serve our customers in the best possible way. This in turn is reflected in high customer satisfaction and as a result, the number of WeFind Personnel Services has multiplied this year. This is reflected in the quality of service and the speed with which we respond to our customers' needs. We are constantly training our staff to improve their professionalism, because a satisfied customer is the most important customer for us, and for us that really means every customer.

Our operations cover the whole of Finland, the EU and the Baltic countries. Through good and long-standing contacts and relationships, we find skilled labor for a wide range of industries, with a focus on the construction, logistics and shipbuilding industries. With exactly the requirements our customers need at any given time. These sectors have a large number of different occupational groups, which makes our job very challenging, but all the more interesting and rewarding. The skills of the workforce we offer are more than just strong professional skills. We want to provide our clients with people who fit in with the whole, taking into account the nature of your work. So, we do not supply our clients with a pair of hands and tools, but with charming personalities who do their work with humility and joy.

Naturally, we are part of Tilaajavastuu Oy's Luotettava Partner program, which can be accessed via the Tilaajavastuu.fi website or by following the links on our website.
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